Ben Decastro is a photographer from Honolulu, Hawaii now based in San Francisco, California. His photography and writing has appeared in publications such as Honolulu Magazine, Ka Leo O Hawai‘i, Edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine, Glamour UK, Pursuit of Portraits, and By Way of Brooklyn in collaboration with VSCO.

Ben also enjoys singing, playing music, and acting. He currently studies at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.


Recent clients (Photo/Digital tech)

Levi’s, Sugar Digital, PureRED Studio, Sandbox Studios, Walmart Studios, Stitch Fix, Shutterfly, Touch of Modern, Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

Ben is a Phase One Certified Pro as of Nov. 2017.


The Pursuit of Vision

Thank you for visiting. There’s a phrase I heard that hit me: Think about the client, not you.

And I do. I think about you, the client, the subject — and more importantly, the human being, — often. It’s difficult to put into words how much I care.
There is already a light in you, around you. It crawls around you and is mostly always on you. It lives on some permanently while on others it may be avoided or feared. It’s fast, wild. Harsh, soft, or just right. It allows others to see you, to fear you, hate you, or fall in love with you.

I have always looked intently at this light along the faces of people. I pay attention. I study and try to understand. I trace the light around the ridges, rims, cracks, lines, accents and descents that build up to you. I value truth and justice and nobility. That is what a portrait should consist of so that it can then be felt, remembered – immortalized. This is my pursuit of vision – to capture you so that you may be proud of it, and that I can be proud along with you. And if for some reason you won’t be, if you are filled with dread or despair or pain then I’ll feel that way too and I will offer all I can to remedy.

This pursuit has led me here and to these values. It's flung me across the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco. I’m interested in a few things: photography, writing, and music. The stuff that deals with people, humanity. And through photography I connect and feel. I share and relate.  Greater than that, I learn. It moves me to somewhere better if it works right, and thankfully it usually does. And greater for you, you will have come out with a solid product, something that I will work hard for you to be able to use for your own pursuit. So please, feel free to connect with me in my pursuit. I’m here, I’m open, and looking forward to it.